Since time immemorial, boats have been built and used for the sole purpose of catching fish. While at first instance a necessary tool for survival, in these modern times, recreational fishing vessels are now being owned by people across the globe. The boats with all the options factory fitted are known as sports fisher yachts, which are excellent for fishing comfort. The variations called convertibles are equally optimized and manufactured for cruising and are usually utilized by sportsmen. After fishing for the day, it is not necessary to disembark from your vessel. These boats come loaded with luxurious cabins with ample room and amenities. And amongst these plushiest vessels, these are the best sport fishers money can buy:


If you love chasing monster fish or test your skills in competitive fishing, the Viking 92 is one of the best Sports Fisher money can buy. This 28.3 meter yacht is a living confirmation that a bigger boat can still pack a lot of punch for speed and agility while tying up the whole package with efficiency. This boat is decked with a lot of features inside including state-of-the-art amenities, an L designed galley, and custom fittings and accessories that make this boat the best entertainment facility once you’re done packing up your fishing rods.


One of the more vintage looking yachts on the seas these days, the Huckin 45 has a timeless design and is equipped with modern technology to make it an extremely fast and agile boat on the sea. It can go at speeds of up to 30 knots and has loads of spacious amenities including luxurious facilities inside.

  1. VIKING 55 CONVERTIBLE - $2,291, 000

The earliest model of this boat made its first splash in the water in 1996, and today it has gone on to become one of the best sports fisher money can purchase. The top speed of 40 knots is a sprightly one for this 17.2 meter vessel which comes fitted with a fly bridge and cockpit that is customized for competitive fishing. It comes fitted with extremely comfortable conveniences including a multilevel cockpit with observation center and console station. In terms of looks, the Viking 55 is easy on the eyes with a sleek and sporty outer body mixed with a sporty sophisticated edge. It comes ensconced with three staterooms, a laundry room, and a partially custom configuration that enables the owner to pick from a peninsula or island galley with an under counter refrigerating system.

  1. JARRET BAY ’46 GRANDER - $1,675,000

For the sea voyager or competitive sportsman who wants a customized sports fisher boat, there cannot be more options than this baby on the seas. This 46 footer comes with Twin CAT engines that gives it the chance to go at a cruising speed of 39 Knots and a top speed of 45. The cockpit is measured at an astonishing 122 square feet and it comes loaded with a central mezzanine plush chair that contains an ice cooler and ice maker. Two steps below are accessible refrigerators and below deck fish boxes, all pre-arranged for maximum space management. The yacht has a primary and secondary helm with co-pilot chairs and a custom electronics gallery, convertible bench that serves as rod storage, and dry storage. The interior is designed with a contemporary dash of wood veneer and metallic toned materials. There is also a fully stocked galley, fridge, freezer, microwave and convection oven with a wet hanging locker.