Listed below are some of the products in our catalogue offering**:**


Quality is our greatest watchword in our winch making process, this is the reason our objective is to manufacture winches that are strong and yet impressively light. The unique features of our winches is the premium quality roller bearings, (not forgetting to mention our) CNC machined aluminum components; high-level resistance alloy edged crown gears, minimum friction axel treatments, and differentiated drum knurling.

Our winches are exclusively manufactured in-house and we monitor closely the life span of our products, and this gives us the unique opportunity to innovating the whole process as we garner more experience in the marine market.

Deck Block Clutches

Yes we are experts at snug design with the lever concealed inside the side plates as well as with recessed fasteners. The aluminum interlocking can is snugly fitted into the automatic opening spring: making the sheet relaxed sufficiently enough open the jammer.

The sheaves are manufactured with quality resin, and fixed with synthetic fiber bush and side ball-bearings. The carefully machined side armor are made of industrial grade alloy, hard black anodized for rough usage and corrosion proofing with all the edges machined off. Its function is to temporarily hold the line as it cannot be locked under high loads. Left and right variations are in stock.

Full Batten

Full Batten System contains 6 different tracks and 14 sliders a large variety of full batten main sails, for boats of different sizes and multihulls.

The HS guide system

This is an easy-to-use efficient answer with minimum sizes for extremely high loads, specially designed for racing. The system has also evolved into cruisers and charter boats.

Soft Links

Our soft link items are designed for sliding in mind, the deflection, and the fitting of Dyneema lines or lines in different material. The main characteristics of soft link hardware on deck are the extremely little friction and simplicity.