Mebolla customer offering:

  • Marine-adapted products developed and produced with materials while keeping the demanding marine environment in mind.

  • Integrated designs concepts for boat manufacturers and boat designers.

  • Application design with boat manufacturers and boat owners in focus.

  • Global presence and distribution.

  • Aftermarket service for boat builders and boat owners

  • Aftermarket service for boat builders and boat owners.

Quality Policy

All our commitments, all our actions, and all our products should be all perceived as an expression of quality. Our most important measure of quality is our customer satisfaction. Each delivery must be a recommendation for future business.

Environmental Policy

We shall consistently work with preventive measures in our processes to minimize pollution as well as other negative impact on our external environment. Our operations and improvement work are carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and other requirements.

This policy is the cornerstone of our overall and detailed environmental goals. We understand every undertaking begins with the ability to carefully listen to your manufacturing needs, spending quality time beforehand to perfectly capture your item specifications and the precise price of your custom made marine hardware needs.

With this knowledge at your disposal, you can confidently quote requirements and we will give you a production and completion plan within the space of a day. Due to the high level of standards involved in acquiring premium quality parts for sea ventures, we work exclusively with the best and most premium quality materials in the industry and we are ISO certified amongst the best custom manufacturers in the world.


Our dedicated team sticks with you throughout the duration of the production process to delivery cutting across drawing to prototyping and final production to make sure updates. Equally, amendments are not made to your item without your exclusive approval and permission.

Our job is to satisfy you and our customers know we don’t fail on this job.