We were founded for the sole purpose of manufacturing precision machine parts and accessories specifically for the marine industry. It is a certainty that all the items on our website have been factory-fitted on thousands of boats across the globe.

We are the home of authentic, custom and aftermarket items for the marine industry, and our products include electrical, stainless steel hinges, plumbing, interior and cabin, door stoppers/holders, amongst many others. Each item custom designed by us is machined and assembled in our factory.

Our products and services are the culmination of our detailed attention to advancements in technology, and research on the most premium quality materials, ranging from design to the production of single components. Our deck of products covers over 1000 items of marine hardware with a vast array of sizes and shapes to choose from to suit any kind of marine vehicle.

This is why our company gives consulting services to customers and designers alike, to help them with choosing the perfect equipment for their needs, and we also offer highly specialized custom solutions to marine environmental projects.

Over time, we have planted a flag in the world of racing and speed boats, huge production builders, luxurious boat builders, as well as shipyards building vintage boats. Today, we are pleased to be the proud owners of several international patents and designs, and this is a confirmation of our status as a leading producer amongst the few authentic marine hardware companies worldwide.

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We have over 1000 marine items on our catalogue and this is a fruition of our constant need to evolve, consistently targeting a richer user experience for customers who use our products. It is this value that has made us the standard for shipyards, boat makers, designers, sail makers, and marine product distributors across the globe.